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Have You Herd? - August | Buffalo.Agency

Have You Herd? – August

Golf Un-Lugged Caddies have walked golf courses for hundreds of years dating back to Mary, Queen of Scots, who developed a love for the game.  So much so, King Louis of France built her a course to enjoy when she visited.  Mary required guards while playing, so he hired cadets, the French translation being “cad-ay.”  […]

Have You Herd? – July

Living the Dream There’s nothing like waking up on a weekend, reading the newspaper with coffee in hand and staring at a beautifully manicured, tree-lined fairway.  If you’re like the 34% of residents who live in golf communities and play the sport, a trip to the first tee is a five-minute golf cart ride void […]

Have You Herd? – June

Money & Muscle Economic conditions are continuously improving and the expectation is for good times to continue. Nearly 75% of U.S. households report they were financially comfortable in 2017, 4% higher than prior year.  A similarly impressive percentage of small businesses show higher growth over the previous 18 months. Bigger paychecks are paying dividends for […]

Have You Herd? – May

  Lead Generation Buffalo’s newest client – for which we are integrating strategic public relations and content marketing programs to reach qualified member and resident prospects at precise points in the sales cycle – is one for the ages. Meet Sailfish Point: On Hutchinson Island, Florida is one of America’s most stunning (and unique) oceanfront […]

Have You Herd? – April

Get Noticed  Publicity is the type of promotion that relies on the public relations effect of a news story usually carried free by mass media.  Its main objective is not sales promotion, but image creation through editorial or “independent source” commentary.  Two examples of how Buffalo’s relationships with journalists came into play last week. Major […]

Have You Herd? – March

Dear Friends, Business is like baseball.  Executives need to protect against falling behind in early innings.  The difficulty of come-from-behind victories lies in the inherent sense of urgency and pressure.  The result is often severe deviation from game plans in the form of budget cutting.  Moreover, opponents notice the momentum lapse and use it against […]
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Have You Herd? – February

Dear Friends, Buffalo.Agency is deep in the world of golf, sport and lifestyle.  Our fully-integrated marketing firm represents a broad cross section of emerging and established brands in these categories.  As such, we are able to closely track and analyze trends and other data-driven events to offer actionable intelligence to our subscribers. To get us […]

Have You Herd? – January

Dear Friends, Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018. After taking time off from authoring this monthly newsletter, we’re back to a regular cadence of news and insights related to the world of golf, sport and lifestyle.  Our fully-integrated marketing firm, Buffalo.Agency, represents a broad cross-section of emerging and established brands in these categories.  As […]