Increasing exposure within the media landscape on a national level has helped connect US Club Soccer with the communities it serves.  The cornerstone of public relations is the ability to proactively communicate your story, a capability we excel at.


Spearhead a youth soccer club movement aimed at providing a branded, holistic experience for parents and players, emphasizing the development of each individual to his or her full potential while assisting parents in making better choices about where their children should play.


Communicating the human-interest and player development angles of an organization which fosters youth empowerment helps reach new audiences and grow awareness across a variety of media types.


Beginning with the development of media engagement strategy, a proper launch strategy for the game-changing Players First initiative and continuing with promotion of its annual national championships, US Club Soccer and its member clubs were surgically placed in the news through aggressive media outreach. Additionally, providing creative support to the organization allowed the mass-dissemination of relevant information on its website and social media channels.


Placing US Club Soccer in all major soccer publications helped increase the credibility of the organization beyond individual club members. Representative publicity includes Boston Globe, Denver Post, ESPN,, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, NBC, Telemundo and Univision.   
Kevin Payne | Buffalo.Agency
Soccer Ball - USS Club Soccer

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