Buffalo Perspectives | 2019 PGA Show

Last month’s 66th Annual PGA Merchandise Show welcomed nearly 40,000 golf industry professionals from 50 states and 87 countries. From discovering the latest trends in golf equipment, technology, apparel and accessories to trying to score an Instagram-worthy shot with celebrities like Annika Sorenstam, it was an electrifying four days.

Our Herd hustled hard securing nearly 150 media appointments for over 20 partners, including six live segments on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive. While the hard work never stops, our team took a moment to look back and share their favorite moments from golf’s largest industry event.

Reflections from the Herd

Rich Katz | PGA Show | Buffalo.Agency
Founder & Principal Rich Katz and General Manager of ECCO Golf USA, Jesper Thuen.

“This year marked my 11th PGA Show, wow timeflies! My favorite part of attending golf’s largest industry event is the facetime, whether it’s with Buffalo team members, media, partners, industry connections or new business prospects, you can’t beat being together in person. My biggest takeaway is seeing the amount of passion and energy from everyone in attendance!”

 – David Griffith, Vice President

“I’ve attended the last two PGA Merchandise Shows and my favorite part so far was this year’s Demo Day. It was a great experience to give media members real hands-on testing of all the latest equipment and gear (which isn’t as easy to do on the Show floor) and the venue was just the right atmosphere for connecting with both clients and media. However, my biggest takeaway from the PGA Show was how big of an impact Buffalo.Agency has on the industry, especially with the buzz around the creation of the new Buffalo Groupe, LLC!”

    – Jessica Lloyd, Associate

Associate Jessica Lloyd checks out the latest from TecTecTec.

“This was my 6th year attending the PGA Merchandise Show, and it’s always so interesting to see what new brands are entering the golf marketplace. There are some really cool apparel brands differentiating themselves and it’s fun to see the product, meet the people behind the brand and pick their brains on inspiration and what led them to get into golf. Of course, bonding with other Buffalos for a whole week is like the cherry on top”

– Cassie Larrabee, Manager

“Pretty sure this year was my 11th PGA Show! My favorite moment was the Buffalo/Indigo Golf Partners Kick-off party, it has grown so large in just a few short years. This year’s show was proof that you can’t believe the hype, the golf industry is actually in good shape. Although it will never reach the heights erroneously projected for its growth 15-20 years ago, the game isn’t going anywhere and will always have millions of passionate devotees looking for cutting-edge equipment, cool apparel or new places to play.”

– Stephen Reynolds, Senior Director

“The 2019 PGA Merchandise Show was my fifth one to attend, but my first as a public relations representative. Whereas writers mostly come to the Show to mix and mingle with others and attend parties, public relations representatives are hustling throughout the day for their clients. “While busy, I loved getting the chance to interact face-to-face with partners and media.”

– Robert Rodriguez, Senior Associate

Buffalo Launch Party | USGA Trophy | Buffalo.Agency
Associates Julie McKay and Rachel Griffith hanging with a special guest at the Buffalo/BCG Kick-off Party.

“It’s clear that at the PGA Show, this of which was my second, there are some very vibrant minds in the golf industry. From new product lines being introduced to exciting equipment and apparel innovations, golf is full of life and creativity.”

– Zach Abaie, Manager

“This was my first PGA Show experience. From start-ups to industry leaders, I was overwhelmed by the number of organizations affiliated with golf. When I wasn’t attempting to master the art of crowd weaving, I made sure to check out brands that I wasn’t previously familiar with. However, getting to know media members on a more personal level was unbeatable. You never know what you might have in common!”

–  Rachel Griffith, Associate

“2019 marked my third PGA Show. My biggest takeaway is golf’s never ending quest to attract a new younger generation to the game. While everyone tries to copy the flashy elements of Topgolf in a bid to attract millennials, they overlook two of the most important factors to the company’s success; price and time.”

Associate Derika Crowley | PGA Show | Buffalo.Agency
Associate Derika Crowley striking a pose at the Lynx booth.

– Ben Cramer, Senior Associate

“This was my first time at the PGA Merchandise Show, and I enjoyed getting the opportunity to interact with partners I don’t work with directly and media members that I have only communicated with via email. My biggest take away is the extensive network that Buffalo has built throughout the golf industry. I remember simply mentioning the company that I was with and they mentioned our work and impact on the industry.”

– Kenny Bayton, Associate