Have You Herd? – August 2019

Shape Up

Americans are tipping the scales at an all-time high.  Of the nearly 40% of obese adults, 32% are overweight and 8% are severely obese.  The estimated annual medical cost of obesity is $200B and obese people spend nearly $2,000 more each year than those of healthy weight.Shape Up | Have You Herd | Buffalo Agency

If more people played golf, the story would be written differently.  The impact of hitting the links:

  • 18 holes equals a 3-1/2-mile run, five-mile walk and 10,000 steps, and burns up to 2,000 calories
  • Positive impacts on cholesterol, body composition and metabolism
  • Decreases risk of more than 40 major chronic diseases, including anxiety, depression and dementia
  • Older players enjoy better static and dynamic balance control and confidence
  • Benefits self-esteem and worth
  • Tour players encourage fans to live healthier
  • Golfers live five years longer

If we all use a bullhorn to amplify these wellness benefits, more people are bound to take up the game and improve their quality of life.

Pump it Up

Pump it Up | Have You Herd | Buffalo AgencyDespite the nation’s alarming obesity rate, people are furiously improving their fitness routines of late.  It’s occurring at home, evidenced by a rise in exercise equipment sales.  With upticks in business and leisure travel, hotels and resorts are intensifying their wellness strategies.  Their gyms are fully stocked with state-of-the-art machines and square footage is growing leaps and bounds.  Destination golf resorts are strongly promoting their fitness assets as compliments to golf courses; if they don’t, exercise-minded, affluent travelers and groups will go elsewhere.  Healthy dining must be heavily marketed, too.  Surveys show this approach is a bigger difference maker than meets the eye.

Buffalo’s resort and destination team is adept at positioning brands’ wellness offerings in the forefront.

Digital Tidbits

No longer does throwing content on social media at a whim convert to meet objectives.  And no longer does “one size fit all” apply:

  • Social Studies – There’s a science to posting on social media to get more likes, shares, comments, clicks and swipes. Analysts rank good, better, best and downright ugly days and times to engage audiences.  They’re different for B2B and B2C brands, and those in travel and tourism, retail, media and entertainment, and other niches.  What works best on Facebook may not for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels.  A lot is at stake; for example, 74% of users access Facebook daily.  If you hit them with the wrong message at the wrong time, it could be an exercise in futility.

Buffalo’s social media team is on top of data trends, helping clients turn opportunity cost into profit.

  • Just for You – Hallmark Cards’ longtime slogan is “when you care enough to send the very best.” Its sustainability is forever and its application to business should be companies’ No. 1 refrain.  Nowadays, it’s all about personalization.  And video.  It’s core that you care enough to learn enough about audiences, then commit resources to produce compelling campaigns, including sizzle reels, custom to the brand.  Reports show the woo is 75% more powerful with a 50% greater chance to seal the deal.

Buffalo Studios is busy producing strategic, professional video production for clients.  Here’s ours:

Digital Tidbits | Have You Herd | Buffalo Agency

Family Affair

A few decades ago, Ben Cramer crawled in the halls of the PGA Tour headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  His dad, James, was its longtime Vice President of Communications.  Ben was

Family Affair | Have You Herd | Buffalo Agency
Ben Cramer, Senior Associate

practically born with a golf club in his hands.  Now he’s a Google of knowledge when it comes to all things professional and collegiate sports.  Ben excels at making clients happy – and money.

But wait, there’s also a witty side:

  • What’s in my bag – TaylorMade R5, Adams Tight Lies 2 5-wood, Mizuno T-Zoids, Callaway sand wedge and Odyssey 2 Ball.
  • Happy wife, happy life – Without a doubt. It’s the reason I have a cat and know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are.
  • Golf and life similarities – Both are harder than they look and become more fun after a few beers.
  • Why I love the golf business – Golf offers a chance to work with great people who are doing what they love.
  • Why Buffalo is so special – The agency gives everyone an opportunity to create his or her unique career path in a supportive environment. It’s awesome to learn new skills and be a part of one of the greatest families in golf.
  • Growing up around professional golf – I was extremely lucky to spend so much, up-close-and-personal time around many of the game’s greats. Watching the regimens which helped them win are experiences for which I’m grateful and put into play daily.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays – really? – Someone has to do it. Growing up, I cheered for the closest team, supporting powerhouses (not!) like the Jaguars, Magic and Rays.  If the rumor of the Rays moving to Montreal comes true, I’ll probably stop watching baseball.
  • Recent Google searches – “Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala Jaguars jersey eBay” (they didn’t have my size), “Yellow Card band” (Ocean Avenue is a timeless classic), “Do worms have mouths?” (turns out, yes).
  • My last meal on earth – Spicy chicken sandwich (no pickles), large fries, large sweet tea, three Chick-fil-A sauces.
  • Business success – When everything is moving a thousand miles an hour, it’s important to know there’s a world-class team supporting you.
  • Best vacations – South Africa and Prague in 2013, Zion National Park in 2018.
  • Rare, medium rare or well done? – It’s rare I find a well-done medium-rare steak. How’s that for a futile attempt at humor?
  • Pet peeves – My wife says I have hundreds. The undisputed No. 1 is people who put their feet on the armrest in front of them on airplanes.
  • Parting wisdom – Nothing is the end of the world.

Grand Brands

The golf industry was at its very best last week in Las Vegas.

We’re not talking high rollers at blackjack tables.  Let’s focus on brands showcasing their latest and greatest golf products and services at the 2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience.

In an upscale setting, thousands of PGA Professionals, industry leaders and lifestyle specialty retailers – from 46 states and 14 countries – spent two days and nights packed with merchandise sourcing, buying, product testing, education, professional networking, fashion show and other special events.

Our Buffalo contingent was there to service clients, learn more about innovative offerings, and pinpoint trends from emerging and established brands, and merchandisers’ behaviors.

The No. 1 takeaway:  The aisles were packed, engagement was elevated, relationships were strengthened and checkbooks were open.  Nearly 200 exhibitors left happy.Beautiful Brands | Have You Herd | Buffalo Agency

ECCO led the way with premium, ultra-comfortable and stylish footwear.  It was joined by Antigua, Dunning, Fairway & Greene, Linksoul, Peter Millar, PUMA and Under Armour.  Equipment and technology stars Callaway, COBRA, FlightScope, Full Swing Golf, Mizuno, Srixon / Cleveland and Yamaha Golf also impressed buyers from golf courses, country clubs, resorts and off-course stores.

Buffalo interviewed several golf course owners and operators.  Almost to a person, optimism is in high gear.  Despite Mother Nature’s uncooperative ways coast to coast, they’re servicing more new golfers in 2019 than the past five years.  Better yet, a meaningful percentage are from younger generations meaning their lifetime value to courses is, well, more valuable.

In a tale of opposites, a considerable number of apparel brands promoted bold prints while others designed subtle tone-on-tone pieces.  Moisture-wicking features and Lululemon-like / athleisure continue to be important if not requisite features for female and male golfers.

Insights also included a significant increase in golfers of all abilities adopting, with regularity, game-improvement technology.  They’re lowering scores like never before.  Better play equals more enjoyment equals stability for the game for a long time.