Buffalo Inspiration – Reflections from the 2020 PGA Show

See what makes our Buffalos tick – is it a memorable experience or a great podcast? See why the Herd is so passionate about our industry.

We sent 15 Buffalos to the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show this past January. These members of the Herd reflect on their biggest industry takeaways and their favorite memories from their trip to Orlando.

Buffalo Inspiration | Buffalo Agency | 2020 PGA Show | Buffalo Booth
Ben Cramer, Colin McDonald and Bill Feidler enjoying a break at our Buffalo Booth after some media appointments.
“There’s an aura of decided positivity toward the sustainability of golf. I appreciate the good people, good learning, good business, good camaraderie and good fun.”
– Rich Katz, Founder & Principal, 29 PGA Show Attendances

“My biggest highlight was a Wednesday dinner hosted by Ben Cowan Dewar of Cabot Links fame. Talking about empowering young women with Annika Sörenstam and husband Mike McGee, debating short games on tour with Brandel Chamblee and hear about the spectacular new Cabot St Lucia from the indefatigable George Panoose made a memorable eve.”
– Joe Steranka, Executive Strategist, 33 PGA Show Attendances

Buffalo Inspiration | Buffalo Agency | 2020 PGA Show | Demo Day
Chad Kurz and Nina Carter shooting some content at Demo Day.
“My favorite part of attending the PGA Show is the meaningful facetime with media and clients.”
– Dan Wooters, Associate, 2 PGA Show Attendances

“I enjoyed seeing all the different vendors and how they are incorporating new tech to present their ideas – Adidas created an AR game to engage with attendees and winners received a free pair of shoes!”
– Kevin Chiang, Senior Designer, 2 PGA Show Attendances

“It’s an exciting time to be working in the golf industry with all the new technologies being released and services introduced. It’s especially cool to see the small and upcoming businesses.”
– Nathan Rubenstein, Associate, 2 PGA Show Attendances

Buffalo Inspiration | Buffalo Agency | 2020 PGA Show | Ryder Cup
Ryan Parsons and Kelly Okun with the Ryder Cup trophy.

“I am fascinated by the sheer number of people who make the effort to attend each year. The PGA Merchandise Show reiterates the overwhelming number of associations, products, travel services and other segments all tied to golf.”
– Pate Clarson, Manager, 3 PGA Show Attendances

“The golf apparel world continues to blur the lines between athleisure, casual wear and golf wear, making the game more accessible and stylish for casual and beginner golfers.”
– Cassie Larrabee, Manager, 7 PGA Show Attendances

“Although it may not be what it was in its heyday in the 1990s, the Show still represents the one time of year when a significant percentage of the industry can be found all in the same place. For that reason, it is still a very important week.”
– Stephen Reynolds, Vice President, 12 PGA Show Attendances

Glenn Gray speaks with PGA Professionals on why data-driven decision making is key in rebranding.

“I really enjoyed helping our clients share products and ideas that are close to my heart. It’s fun to see how the PGA Show grows the game we all love.”
– Kelly Okun, Associate, 1st PGA Show Attendance

“My biggest takeaway from the Show is that Buffalo’s reputation continues to grow within the industry and many people were well-informed of our capabilities. Those who were not, marveled when they learned of the broad skillsets we possess.”
– Colin McDonald, Senior Associate, 2 PGA Show Attendances

“There is no shortage of innovative, unique companies who are striving to make golf more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. In particular, technology-focused brands like FlightScope, Arccos and others are capturing and using data in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. It’s an exciting time to be working in golf.”
– Bill Feidler, Senior Director, 13 PGA Show Attendances

Paige Stinger and Colin McDonald braving the cold on Demo Day.

“I enjoyed seeing the vastness of the golf merchandise industry and recognizing so many brands that Buffalo has been involved with through the years.”
– Paige Stinger, Manager, 2 PGA Show Attendances



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