Have You Herd – Moments That Matter

There are moments that matter – in our lives, in our careers and in our choices. Buffalo focuses on the moments that matter when connecting brands to audiences. On Friday, January 7, I got to live all aspects of a moment that matters.

The Future of Women’s Golf is Brighter Than Ever

As an agency, as golf fans and industry leaders striving to grow the game and be more inclusive on the course and in the workplace, Buffalo took great pride in supporting our clients at the USGA on January 7 when they announced a new presenting sponsor, a record-setting $10 million purse and five new premier venues for the U.S. Women’s Open Championship. From hosting the first U.S. Women’s Amateur in 1895 through today’s announcement, the USGA continues to remind all of us to believe in women’s golf because it’s good for the future of the game.

How Can We Make an Impact?

Today over one-third of junior golfers are girls and tomorrow they will be our customers creating sizable revenue potential in a market that is historically over 80% male. As businesspeople, we should consider what strategic investments we can make today to create new customers for tomorrow. As we begin 2022, let’s all challenge ourselves to join other innovators in thinking strategically and acting boldly to create opportunities that make a real impact on the future of the game.

On a personal note, as a girl who picked up a club in 1980, played college golf in 1990 and began working in the industry in 1993, this moment hits with great magnitude afforded by those three decades of personal perspective. It’s a true honor to work at Buffalo, with the USGA and all of our clients who work to make golfer better for the next generation.