Have You Herd – Keeping Up With Today’s Social Media Trends

In the current social media climate, what’s trending today will be old news by tomorrow. #WorkFromHome life, the pandemic, and the explosion of TikTok have led us to be glued to our phones more than we ever thought possible. So, how can brands stay relevant in a world where trends seem to change on a constant basis?

Join the Conversation

Social media trends are constant, but that doesn’t mean that every trend is a fit for your brand. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t join in on the fun. If there’s no way to make the trend work for you, show others that you’re still aware of the latest happenings, and that you’re still relevant in the conversation. Take to Twitter to comment on the trending topic. Repost a TikTok on your Instagram story. Be present and show support across social channels for what’s trending, and let your followers see that (internal fire drill or not,) you’re still with it.

Just Check Your Phone

Believe it or not, what’s trending on social media is already out there for everyone to see. Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok all have leaderboards and trending hashtags out in the open. They may not be updated by the second, but they’re still dynamic and can give you a great idea of where to start. Having social media trends physically listed in front of you is easier on the mind, and makes it easier to see if there’s anything worth jumping in on. Take 10-15 minutes to scope out the leaderboards, and let the inspiration come.

Follow the Right People

We live in a world where social media influencers are the new celebrities, and there’s a pretty high chance that these people are either starting trends, or hopping on trends in real time. Do a little research about the top TikTok, YouTube and Instagram users and influencers. Are they worth a follow? By a simple search, you can narrow your results, too. There are so many social content spaces to choose from, like wellness, beauty, and fashion, and each space has relevant ambassadors to follow. Find the spaces that are relevant to you, and follow the corresponding spokespeople. The tools to perfect your social network are out there, you just have to do some digging.

Let the Trends Come to You

The great thing about hot trends is, people love to get involved. Instead of spending hours trying to find trends before they happen, be present on social and let them come to you. If you’re following relevant users, what’s trending will appear naturally. There’s absolutely no way to pinpoint what the next trend will be, so you’ll save yourself time and energy by just being present and aware, and taking some time out of each day to check out the latest happenings.

In today’s social media landscape, the best way to keep up is to transform into nimble social marketers. With no way to predict where social media is headed next, it’s important to have a flexible content and community management plan to make sure you have the ability to shift campaigns and strategy when you need to make room for trending topics.