Herd Highlight – Manager Robert Rodriguez

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Hoosier by birth but long-time resident of Texas, Robert Rodriguez first moved to the Lone Star State in the late 1980s and attended Texas A&M University. While baseball was his first love, golf grabbed his attention as a young adult and hasn’t let go. After a long run as editor of Texas’s popular Avid Golfer magazine, Robert joined Buffalo in 2014 and has focused on our RDRE (Resort, Destination and Real Estate) portfolio. The 5 handicap isn’t only hooked on golf, as he’s an expert on Texas BBQ as well. Let’s learn more!  



Buffalo Agency | ROBERT RODRIGUEZWhen did you start working at Buffalo Agency?

September 2014.


What does it mean to be part of The Herd?

To work alongside such a talented group of individuals is truly incredible. I am amazed at the work and success stories our team has produced over the years.


Are you an avid golfer/golf fan?

Absolutely! My entire professional career has revolved around golf.


What do you do?

As a manager at Buffalo Agency, my roles include communicating with our partners daily, developing strategies that showcase their amazing qualities and contributions, and doing whatever task is asked upon or necessary to exceed our partners’ expectations. Another great perk of the position – being the cagey veteran the younger Herd can rely on for advice or help. Not too long ago, I was the young kid amongst the olds – now, the roles have reversed.


What’s the coolest thing you’re working on now?

Being positive and working under the premise that we will get through this pandemic and embrace traveling, I am working on setting up media trips, visits and events for several clients for the late summer / fall. Right now, it’s compiling a list of interested media; yet, these events are vital for our partners in that they allow influential writers, raters, and others to experience firsthand the destination or golf course. I truly enjoy setting up and hosting these events, and meeting both our partners and their guests. To me, there is nothing more impactful than face-to-face interaction and developing a sound friendship with everyone involved – all while taking care of business.

Buffalo Agency | Herd Highlight | Robert Rodriguez

What are your favorite hobbies?

Hanging out with my family, golf, running, and eating great Mexican food and barbecue.


Tell us more about your relationship with BBQ. How did the title “Texas BBQ Connoisseur” come about?

Living in Texas, there are so many great BBQ joints throughout the state. In fact, Texas Monthly does a bi-annual ranking of the top-50 BBQ joints in the state. Every year in October, many of those in the top-50 converge in Austin for a ‘cookoff’ where they provide sample trays of their brisket, sausage, ribs and other tasty vittles. Usually patrons will eat about 4-5 trays of meat from their favorite places and call it a day – some even bring to-go boxes so they can eat the BBQ later or loaves of bread in their purses to make BBQ sandwiches.

Over the years I have covered the event for various outlets and have become sort of that “Texas BBQ connoisseur” amongst my family and friends. My first assignment, a Texas food website wanted me to provide a personal top-10. To make sure I gave an accurate report, I finished sample trays from all 25 BBQ joints attending. #meatcoma


Where’s your favorite BBQ restaurant?

Cattleack BBQ in the Dallas area.Buffalo Agency | Herd Highlight | Robert Rodriguez

What’s the most memorable BBQ you’ve had (flavors, place, people, etc.)?

Franklin BBQ in Austin. Typically, it’s a three-hour wait outside to get in and place your order. The later you get in line, the greater the chances of them selling out and you leaving empty-handed and still hungry. There are also “entrepreneurs” across the street selling lawn chairs and cold drinks at outrageous prices, teasing those in line.

Yet, one bite of the brisket, rib or any succulent item on the Franklin menu makes all that standing well worth it.


Who would you swap places with for a day?

I love my life and have been very blessed to meet some amazing people and do some extraordinary things. Unsure if I would want to swap places with anyone – although a day being Michael Jordan would be fascinating.



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