Premium golf outerwear brand that uses a proprietary layering system for maximum protection from the elements and exceptional breathability and performance.


Facilitate the U.S. launch of a successful European brand whose industry-leading products and dominate the premium golf outerwear market overseas.


Having long admired the quality, performance and positioning of Swedish golf apparel brand Galvin Green, Buffalo was selected in mid-2013 to facilitate the company’s penetration of the premium green-grass market across America.


Phase one of the partnership focused on providing Galvin Green’s sales and marketing executives with strategic counsel leading up to launch of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Phase two was development and implementation of a precise consumer and trade PR program targeting media most likely to be consumed by the avid, affluent golfers who are Galvin Green’s core customers.


Galvin Green went from a brand with very low awareness in the U.S. to being prominently showcased in hundreds of golf and lifestyle editorial placements. Spanning print, digital and broadcast channels, highlights included brand and product features, increasing visibility among golf buyers and positively impacting sell-in at key accounts.

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