Kauai enjoys a renowned reputation as a top destination for sun, sand and surf. Through PR, social, and digital campaigns, Buffalo.Agency ensured that golf was also a primary attraction for tourists, rather than an afterthought upon arrival.


People go to Kauai to relax, enjoy the Pacific Ocean, frolic with family and friends, eat good food, embrace Hawaiian culture and a laid-back vibe. They don’t go there to golf as a general rule.


Kauai is known for its beaches, mountains, waterfalls, views and overall beauty.


Responsible for social media marketing, digital communications, website administration and PR and media relations which keep the island and its golf resort partners in the news. 


Buffalo.Agency's digital communications strategy increased Kauai’s data capture and social impressions which lead to a spike in sales for their Golf Trail Card. Our PR and media program secured best-in-kind honors for courses and resorts. 

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