Creative Corner – Easy Ways to Improve Remote Video

Welcome to Buffalo Agency Creative Corner! Here, the Creative Team shares the process behind their biggest campaigns and ideas. Short. Sweet. Informative. Hopefully entertaining.

Figuring out how to shoot video remotely is a new challenge we’ve taken head on. Senior Producer Nina Carter shares a few simple ways to transform your remote footage without added equipment.

Remote Shooting Best Practices:

  • Shoot horizontal for platforms like Youtube. Shoot vertical if the video is intended for platforms like Instagram stories.
  • For clean audio; record indoors, in a quiet room, away from fans/air conditioners, music, tv, radio, other people etc.
  • If audio is an issue, bluetooth headphones with a microphone can be used to capture clear and directional audio.
  • Always face the light source. If you are outside, you should be facing the sun. If the main source of light is behind you, your video will be back lit.
  • If possible, try sitting, it helps limit movement and stepping out of frame/out of focus.
  • Use a tripod if you have one, if not prop your phone up against something, it will limit shakiness.
  • Position camera at eye-level, not below or above.
  • If shooting with a smartphone, turn on “Do Not Disturb”.


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