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Buffalo.Agency was built through the combination of public relations and communications powerhouse Buffalo Brand Invigoration Group, the highly acclaimed marketing arm of its parent company, Billy Casper Golf, and the subsequent acquisition of award-winning creative shop Sparky’s Garage. Our integrated marketing & PR services are best-in-class and tailored to the individual needs of each client.


We believe brands must be built holistically. We create more than a distinctive mark, logo or set of visuals; we mold a company’s identity through the distinctive way it presents itself to the world.
We offer a diverse suite of digital services. Whether you’re preparing for mobile integration, customer retargeting, maximizing SEO/SEM, improving a sales funnel, delivering relevant content, capturing lead generation, or any other digital need; we provide the expertise to equip your business for a digital future.
We know that what you say about your brand and where you disseminate those messages is a catalyst in taking your brand to the next level. With expertise – rooted in research and measurement – we are the ideal partner to advise on your creative and tactical advertising needs.
We can transform your social media presence through quality content, increased engagement, and impactful insights. Consumer engagement is a two-way conversation and we know where, when and how to speak to your audience.
Data analysis is integral to all elements and phases of marketing. Our analytics team is built to solve the most complex marketing challenges – from audience immersion, to sales conversion solutions, to price prediction modeling – they can assess the situation, understand the business impact, identify the audience, and measure the results.
Public Relations
We believe in the 4D’s of PR: discover, develop, deploy, and determine. Discover is the investigation of the challenge at hand. Develop is the creation of ideas that connect brand to consumer. Deploy is the path into the consumer’s life in a way that will bring value, through relevant and engaging communications. Determine is the measurement of impact, and the insights to course-correct as needed.
People buy with their eyes, so we build a brand’s visual elements to communicate and sell every step of the way. Our design team augments message delivery, amplifies audience information absorption, and boosts sales.
We have a rich history of developing memorable moments and impact for our clients. Events and experiences ensure the even when audiences may not remember a brand’s exact message, they remember how the experience made them feel. We know creating memories creates customers for life.