Third party advocacy and proven performance enhancement are key to cutting through the noise of a crowded golf tech industry. With Arccos, Buffalo.Agency delivered impactful messages, and put product in influencers hands, to raise the brand profile and drive sales.


Position Arccos as the leading performance tracking system in golf and an invaluable tool to help collect and evaluate data that helps players gain valuable insights into stats, playing patterns and comparisons for every club, shot, hole and round.


Amateur golfers often experience a plateau in performance because they lack the ability to analyze factual data on their own games and identify true strengths and weaknesses.


Develop a media engagement strategy targeting high-level influencers across golf, lifestyle and business media to create brand evangelists. Align the high-quality of Arccos products with the reputation of its leading retail partner, Apple. Help Arccos develop ambassador relationships with PGA Tour players to endorse products and bring more attention to the benefits of performance tracking. Create an impactful multi-tier marketing campaign utilizing a variety of creative assets with the intention of reaching as many amateur golfers are possible.


The Buffalo.Agency campaign drastically raised the Arccos brand profile and helped them build a user-base that in just two years recorded more than 430 million golf shots. This is the result of millions of positive media impressions and a creative marketing approach.

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