Background: Family-owned Lamkin Grips entered 2020 with a breakthrough product, yet struggling to convince retailers to carry it, and consumers to buy it. We were tasked with launching their revolutionary Calibrate product line to B2B and B2C audiences alike, ultimately driving consumers to the website and retail to purchase.  

Strategy: We needed to elevate an oft-overlooked piece of golf equipment to a higher emotional level, while standing out from the sea of sameness of product features and benefits of its competitors. The fully-integrated #FeelAllTheFeels campaign accomplished both, and allowed Lamkin to educate golfers about the advantages of regripping with their latest and most innovative technology - simultaneously growing market and share. Amplification from brand ambassadors Justin Rose (PGA TOUR) and Troy Mullins (Long Drive Champion) added legitimacy and further extended the campaign’s reach. 
Monthly social media impressions with 200K monthly engagements
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Lamkin Photoshoot Justin Rose

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