The relationship has evolved significantly, adjusting as new market opportunities occur. Originally dedicated to public relations and now in a digital marketing and strategy role, we service clients from content creation to consumer conversion.


Taking Dollamur, the leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-performance competitive sports flooring for wrestling, martial arts, MMA, gymnastics, cheerleading, and properly positioning the company in targeted media outlets through a variety of storylines.


Immersing oneself in the revolutionary technology and unique artistic element of competitive sports flooring manufacturing allows the Buffalo team to tell a story of each individual mat or carpet rather than attempting to sell a product.


Through a holistic public relations and social media strategy, Buffalo.Agency has placed the Dollamur in major print and digital publications, planned and executed widely successful digital marketing campaigns and capitalized on globally-respected brand evangelists. By serving as an extension of its marketing department, all major advertising and strategic decisions are made jointly.


A Buffalo.Agency client since October 2014, our team has generated significant publicity in local, regional and national media outlets for consumer and trade audiences such as BlackBelt Magazine, SportsBusiness Journal, The Players Tribune, Washington Post and USA Today.

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