Have You Herd – Are iOS Changes Affecting Your Digital Strategy?

Major changes came about the last few months in the digital advertising world. Apple mandated iOS users to opt in or out of tracking, and it has hit social media advertising hard, in particular Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms.

Now when a user logs into Instagram and Facebook and chooses to opt out of tracking, they’re no longer part of Facebook targeted audiences. That said, many clients have asked if they should pivot their social media advertising strategy. The answer is — it’s worth the discussion.

Targeted audiences on Facebook are smaller, and costs could increase because of it. At Buffalo, we’ve been very transparent with client partners. The solution? A diversified integrated strategy. This means programmatic advertising and paid search are more important than ever. Additionally, an organized and effective retargeting strategy is essential for reaching users inside and outside of social platforms. Paired with tailored organic social, public relations and influencer strategies, digital advertising will always have its place in driving brand awareness, website traffic, and converting prospects. Specifically, boosting existing posts to your client base should never be overlooked, and focusing on authentic user engagement strategies can help increase brand loyalty and advocacy. 

In summary, while iOS privacy changes have definitely affected social media advertising, it’s not the time to shut off ads. An honest conversation about your advertising mix is essential to make sure you’re covering your bases and being nimble in your strategy decisions.

If you’re interested in discussing your integrated strategy, please contact your Buffalo Account Leader or business@buffalo.agency.